Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the benefits of aromatherapy with the individually chosen essential oils in one of the finest anti-stress treatments available.

Full Body (1 hour) - £35 (Course* of 6 - £150)
Back, Neck & Shoulder (30 mins) - £23 (Course* of 6 - £95)
Back, Neck & Shoulder (45 mins) - £28 (Course* of 6 - £125)


Oriental foot massage working on the pressure points of the feet, helping to relieve stress and tension fmor the body. promoting a feeling of well-being.

45 mins - £30 (Course* of 6 - £140)

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue

Effective either before or after exercise to warm muscles helping to prevent sports related injury and strain.

1 hour 30 mins - £50
1 hour - £35
45 mins - £28
Course* of 4 - £100 (must be used within 2 months)


Reiki is a simple but powerful technique for transferring healing energy from a giver to a receiver. Reiki is ideal for high levels of stress or chronic painful conditions. Try it and see!

45 mins - £30 (Course* of 6 - £140)


*(all courses expire 6 months from date of purchase)

Kerala Face incorporating Cranial Massage with Sirodara

This ayurvedic treatment helps ease contractions of the face due to stress and tension. The stimulation of energy points, oxygenates, detoxifies, brightens and firms the heaviness.


1 hour 15 mins - £60
Shirodara on its own for extreme cases of stress - £35

Shirobyanga/Indian Head Massage

Shirobyanga is the ultimate in relaxation and pampering. This innovative massage combines ancient beliefs and techniques from India, China and Thailand (yoga, shiatsu and reflexology) along with proven Italian massage movements. This produces a specific treatment which strengthens and stretches the neck and shoulder muscles, relives tension in the head, neck and scalp area. Whilst releasing negative enrgies and unblocking meridian channels within the body.

1 hour - £35 (Course* of 6 - £150)

LA Stone

The original stone massage - take yourself on a journey to extreme relaxation. both hot and cold stones are used to massage every area of tension. One treatment is equivalent to 3-4 full body treatments.

1 hour 30 mins - £50

Chakra Stone

Use of hot stones to relax, massage and sooth the body.

1 hour 30 mins - £50

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